Our Partnerships

Sun Properties LLC

In 2000, John Hoagland and Breck Jones, childhood friends, formed Sun Properties LLC to become the holding company for Hoagland Commercial Realtors and the management company for multiple properties which have been acquired and improved over the years. Brian Forrest has subsequently joined Sun Properties as an equity partner.

Our Mission
To acquire and operate properties for the purpose of delivering outstanding returns.

Our Vision
To effectively brand and differentiate our properties as providing overall superior value.

Keys To Our Success
• Superior customer service
• Unsurpassed cleanliness
• Nurture customer relationships

Sun Properties

Sun Construction

In 2001, Sun Properties formed Sun Construction Management to better manage the cost, quality and timing of building improvements. Sun Properties Construction Management specializes in a wide variety of commercial remodeling and new construction. Sun provides quality workmanship while maintaining excellent service at highly competitive rates. Clients can be confident of the quality and professionalism of Sun Properties Construction Management staff and in-house resources which are tailored to the needs of each client and project.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please call Cort Rulketter with Sun Properties Construction at (502) 403-1881 or email him at cort@sunprop.net.

Sun Construction